Career Opportunities in Australia’s IT Services Industry

As a result of the rapidly developing technological era in which we live, the choice of careers is continually evolving. Many professions that are common today may potentially be obsolete in ten years from now. One industry that is guaranteed to survive for many decades to come is that of information technology (IT). With technology being the root of our future, looking into this industry holds endless opportunities, and is possibly one of the most secure options for jobs in the future, as the demand will always be high for IT professionals. The following careers are both relevant today and are set to become even more so shortly.

Three Leading IT Jobs

There are several jobs, (and more beyond these), that will always be in demand as the tech world continues to grow. The first is the role of Computer Technical Support Specialist, which consists of solving problems, and troubleshooting issues, found in software, hardware and various computer systems, that companies and individuals use. This job requires constant learning, to keep up with the latest developments, as well as the ability to resolve problems that the average computer owner would never be able to on their own. Most companies require an employee to have a bachelor’s degree in computer systems, or information technology, to enter this career.

A Software Engineer is another job that remains in high demand. Software engineers design the latest computer programmes and systems, based on the requirements of a client, or a broader need in the industry. These include operating systems, mobile applications and even games, depending on the project and its purpose. There is a large market for this type of IT service provider, be it in small businesses, international corporations and even government institutions. The education requirements for this job range from a bachelor’s degree in computer science, to a master’s degree in one of the relevant areas.

The third career opportunity that holds tremendous potential in the IT industry, and by no means the last, is the role of an Information Technology Manager. Those who take on this job are required to organise and manage, the overall servicing of a company’s IT and data. There will usually be a team of IT workers underneath the manager, and they will work together to solve any issues and keep the systems up to date. IT and business management experience are a must for this job, along with a bachelor’s degree in information technology.